Lots of light inside the hammock.

Why MacCat tarps over the competition?


The MacCat series was specifically designed for use with hammocks. Fitting on Hennessy, Warbonnet,Speer, and many other popular commercial and homemade hammocks, the MacCat series works to keep the key parts of the hammock dry. The steep slope of the sides near the head and foot ends keep the hammock ends dry, and the wide, sweeping side along the middle of the hammock provide protection to the main body of the hammock that diamond tarps to not. The long end parallel to the hammock also provides a lot of sheltered space on the ground in wind driven rain, something that diamond shaped tarps do not, no matter how large they are.


MacCat tarps feature a simple, yet very effective system of tieouts. The four side tieouts keep the center of the tarp tensioned due to their angle, all the while simulating a catenary ridgeline. The angle of the tie outs makes a catenary ridgeline unnecessary. The "simulated catenary ridgeline" gives all of the same benefits of a true catenary cut ridgeline, without the problems that it may cause in setup. Tarps with a catenary cut ridgeline also suffer from a loss of headroom - not a problem with a MacCat!

The two ridgeline tieouts provide a system of attachment to the hammock similar to commercial hammock tarps-simply clip the D ring onto the adjustable sliding hook. We recommend that one end be tied to one of the supporting trees, and one end be attached to the hammock. You risk losing functionality when attaching it solely to the hammock (the tarp gets loose when you enter the hammock), or adjustability as is the case when tying it solely to the supporting trees on both ends (you cannot adjust it later when your knots settle). By tying it to both the hammock and the tree, the tarp will not sag when you enter the hammock, nor are you unable to adjust it without untying your knots.

New generation tieouts


The triple stitched perimeter reinforcement is not simply a rolled over hem. It features a doubled over layer of webbing, which distributes the stress on tie outs which is often accompanied with high winds. The tie outs are sewn under the webbing, and the distribution of force along the entire edge of the tarp is noticeable when there is no stretching or wear of the fabric along the tie outs after extended use. The 180D tieouts are again triple stitched, so tearing in wet and windy conditions will never occur, something that plagues cheaper tarps that use grommets or poorly sewn pull tabs. Three lines of stitching are completed before the nylon tie outs are X bar tacked over the tie out, with the edge of the tie outs securely over the webbing along the perimeter. 1" D-Rings are placed in each tie out, to facilitate easy tying and untying of line during setup and takedown, a welcome addition especially in cold conditions.

Failure is not an option when you're in the wilderness, and we pride the weather and wear shedding abilities of our tarps!


An added benefit of the MacCat tarps is their finished look. A stealth grey tarp, with a turned black webbing perimeter and matching tie outs really stands out in a crowded campsite. The simplistic look of the catenary curves is matched by the subtleness of the hexagonal cut, not often seen in "ground" tarps.


Starting at under $100 shipped to your door (for the Standard), the MacCat tarps are an incredible value. While some competition may claim to have a cheaper and more inexpensive tarp, the tarp is exactly that - cheaper. We have had customers come to us, wanting a strong tarp after previous tarps had fallen apart in the field. We have always been very concerned about our gear failing. This passes directly into our products, with the durability and function which rivals all other tarps on the market.

Quality & Company

We pride ourselves in our work and our customer service. Good, quality products speak volume about their companies. It is our duty to create a tarp which is both worthy of sale and likely to last a long, long time. We rely on word of mouth and referrals to sell our products, so our commitment to OES products is second to none.