User Reviews:

My Deluxe in Spinn has been perfect. It has handled some rain & wind great and so light it's barely noticable on my pack. No issues with quality of stitching or fabric, it came thru a hail-storm with no problems (pea-size hail). Just what i wanted from a 3 season tarp.

-Steve S.

Brian, Just wanted to let you know I received your EXCELLENT ultra tarp yesterday. It's hanging in my back yard right now. Thanks for putting out such a nice product, I just sent you an email before I realized I should send a pic of your handiwork hanging here in Florida. This will make an excellent mate for my WBBB

-Paul R.

It's a toss up between users as to who has the better hammock-Hennessey, Clark, or Speer. In the tarp/fly cosmos there is one ruler of the world and that is MacCat. I just spent 2 weeks in Ontario and all but one night in the hammock. A new tarp was deployed, the MacCat Deluxe. Brian has again brought artistry to the fly and I would rank him with Aaron of Brasslite for not only production something that is strong in construction, functional for the lightweight backpacker, but something that exudes craftsmanship. I bought the Deluxe thinking my Generation One MacCat was lost-of course you find something when you replace it. This allowed a good close-up side by side comparison.

The wonder called the catenary cut is obviously still present in the Deluxe model, but compared to my Generation One MacCat [MacCat Standard], the stitching and reinforcement have traveled a light year. I wish I could tell you that in Ontario I suffered torrential rain and equally bad wind but for 2 weeks not a drop of rain fell and the only wind we felt was briefly at Killarney Provincial Park and that was not enough to ripple a normal tarp much less a MacCat. There is a weight penalty [Standard vs. Deluxe], look to the MacCat website for the difference, methinks its 2 oz. But this is what I was trying to do with a GoLite Cave2 several years ago, and that is gain real estate under my sleeping platform without owning the whole block. Now I can do it with advanced engineering and production second to no manufacturer. Though we've never met I only wish I could set up my oldest daughter with Brian!


Thanks so much for the beautiful tarp. It arrived on Saturday just as we were leaving for our trip. We had the best time. It rained buckets. We had my husbands 2 year old tarp made by you, my new one and the big one we bought last year for the kitchen. We stayed dry the whole time despite 50 mph winds and 4.5 inches of rain. We love our tarps and are so grateful that you take the time away from school to make them for us. Thanks again!

-Cindy H.

Used the 10'x8' silnylon catcut tarp on a deer hunt scouting trip the other day. We were at 8500' in a constant rain and a little wind. The tarp was great and we were dry and comfortable. My friend who is a profesional guide wanted your website as he was very impressed with your product. Our next scouting trip is to 10,000' I will be using your product once again.

-Dan S.

I got it on Saturday ... and put it up (in a stiff wind) four times. It is GREAT ! ! ! Thank you Brian.

-Tim P.

Brian, Recently, I received your standard tarp this week and practiced setting it up this weekend. I'm taking a week in the woods this spring and one of my concerns was the tarp I was going to use. Frankly, after experimenting a bit with a variety of setups, this is the best tarp I've ever seen. In my opinion, the stitching and selection of materials is truly outstanding! I have full confidence now that this tarp is exactly what I will need on my trip; excellent coverage, durability and exceptional design. Kudos to you! Thank you for your years of dedication to providing comfort and peace of mind to the hammock hanging hikers of the world.

-Andrew B.

Hi Brian, I got the tarp and we're packed up and ready for our trip - thanks SO MUCH!!! Now we'll all have MacCat tarps and I'll send you some pics of us all set up on the AT happily using your product! Thanks for the wonderful service on top of an already wonderful product!

-Jason R.

Hello Brian, Just wanted to let you know that I received the tarp today! I already set it up and everything looks excellent!! The extra tie-outs are perfect and will give extra support in the blowing wind and snow. I really appreciate all your help, excellent craftsmanship, and your friendship. Thank you very much!!!! I'm very excited to get out and do some camping this winter with this tarp. I will definitely send you some pics of my complete winter hammock tent. Hope everything is going good for your and hope you are finding time for some hiking and camping, too! Thanks again for all your help.

-Mark M.


Brian, I woke up the next morning with snow and they said that overnight temps (with windchill) were somewhere near or below zero. My MacCat stood strong. Thanks for the quality work.

-Kevin M.

Great job on the tarp! With my home made tensioners, this tarp stays taut! Maybe I'll see you on the trail someday? ...In the meantime. Thanks again for your good work.

-Tim W.

Got the MacCat Deluxe today. I am very impressed with the construction. I intend to try it out for a Long Trail (VT) hike in October. Thanks!

-Joe O.

After 18 months of nearly continuous use, my MacCat Deluxe is still hangin' tough (though my hammock is showing signs of wear).

I live on 5 wooded acres in N. Central Florida, so my MacCat Deluxe and hammock are up pretty much full time. Actually, they only come down to go in my pack when I go out on the trail. The MacCat Deluxe has endured everything Florida weather can throw at it, short of a full-on hurricane (though I've been hoping!). It has put up with a number of raging storm fronts though, which around here blow up to near-hurricane force, as well as a couple of near-misses from tropical systems this season.

No problem. It's always calm and dry underneath. And it's true, the thing is incredibly quiet-it just doesn't flap in the wind. To boot, the tarp shows no detectable wear and tear. I just shake the leaves and pollen off every day or so.

Just thought you might like to have a little info on how your product stands up to extended/continuous use. When I finally heal up enough to do my Florida Trail thru-hike, you can be certain what will be stretched over my hammock each night.

-Chuck aka Mal the Elder/Half Step

This is an outstanding hammock tarp! The MacCat has proven its worth in cold and rainy weather by providing excellent coverage, ventilation, and durability.

Hello Brian, Just wanted to let you know that I received the OES Silnylon Tarp today and it is INCREDIBLE!! Nice job with the stitching and strengthening the guyouts!! This will be a nice, lightweight addition to my backpack! Plus, the large 10' x 12' size will offer me plenty of area to keep my pack and gear out of the elements! Can't wait to try it out in the snow with my Hennessy Hammock! You are very professional and talented! Thanks very much and I look forward to ordering from you again.

-Mark, review from


My MacCat Deluxe is just awesome! I think that I was most impressed with just how taut I could pitch it. The workmanship is flawless. I use it with my Hennessy Hammock and it provides great coverage. When I get my hammock back out in the spring and get on the trail I'll email you a picture. Trust me, I have no complaints whatsoever. Whenever anybody on asks about a tarp, I only have one answer ... "See Brian!"

The MacCat Deluxe was so great, that it was a no-brainer to come to you when I was in the market for a standard 8' x 10' Catenary Cut tarp. I use my hammock from spring through early fall, but in late fall and winter I take my bivy sack and a tarp. I stopped using a tent, even in the winter, so one of your cat cut tarps will be just what I?m looking for. I'm looking forward to getting up to the Smokies later this month and trying it out. I think that your products speak for themselves and word of mouth will be bringing lots of orders your way!

-Ted B.

I recently received my 9x9 Cat cut tarp. Your products seem to deserve all the praise that I have heard about them. Excellent workmanship, and just a good-looking tarp. I slept under it last night in the back yard and was impressed with the pitchability. Very taught with no blowing in the wind. The catenary cuts are just right.


Brian, I woke up the next morning with snow and they said that overnight temps (with wind-chill) were somewhere near or below zero. My MacCat stood strong. Thanks for the quality work.


Hi Brian I received the tarps today excellent workmanship, my wife and I are much appreciated will purchase again Many thanks, Steve. Brian: I received the MacCat Deluxe today. Outstanding quality! I look forward to putting this tarp to use next month. Thanks again-I will tell my friends about your products. The workmanship is top notch.

-John C.

My mail came a few minutes ago, which included the three tarps I ordered from you. The workmanship is first class. I appreciate very much receiving such a high quality product.

-Kirk S. (5' x 8')

I just tried out my MacCat Deluxe with my HH this past weekend for the first time and I was blown away by the quality and workmanship that Brian's products exhibit. This baby is a work of art. It sets up taut and smooth without a single wrinkle. I'm looking forward to working with it in a good, heavy storm with plenty of wind and rain. For me, the extra coverage is worth the additional ounces.


Last month I ordered a MacCat Micro from you - for use with my Hennessy Hammock Ultralite backpacker. I'm writing now to tell you how much I like it - your design is ingenious, your materials are top notch, and your meticulous craftsmanship is superb. And you were nice to deal with, too.

-John E.


The MacCat Deluxe really does its justice when the weather is nasty. Enough room for hanging clothes up on each end under the canopy and enough out wide to sit under and cook or relax while still being completely sheltered from wind and rain.

-Josh Lind

I finally got a trip in and the tarp was outstanding! It seemed to cut the wind better than the JRB, even if it wasn't a very windy night . I definitely noticed that it provided more space than the JRB, though!

-Jeff J.

Yep, the tarp was waiting when I got home tonight and I pitched it in the backyard by headlamp! Your workmanship appears to be as solid as I have heard. Very nice! I'll be sure to send a full report after I have had a chance to use it for real.

-Tripp C.

I wanted to get back to you about the tarp. I finally got out in the woods last weekend. The tarp was great. The workmanship is excellent. There aren't many pieces of gear you can take out without setting them up ahead of time, but you could do it with this tarp. I was blown away by the quality of the construction. It really is the thing that strikes you when you first get a look at it up close.

-Joe U. (MacCat Deluxe)

Got the MacCat Deluxe today. I am very impressed with the construction. I intend to try it out for a Long Trail (VT) hike in October. Thanks!

-Joe O.

Brian: I received the MacCat Deluxe today. Outstanding quality! I look forward to putting this tarp to use next month. Thanks again - I will tell my friends about your products. The workmanship is top notch.

-John C.


Thank you for the tarp. Worked excellent, used it as a rain fly/porch for tent on hiking trip in the WMNF, Baxter and Acadia.

-Matt C. (8'x10')

I have received the tarp. It looks very well made and sets up tight. Thank you so much, now maybe I won't get soaked in my hammock!

-Wesley (MacCat Deluxe)

The stuff sacks you sent are great! Thanks again!


I received them today, thanks mate. Top job I might add. I am very happy with the workmanship of your stuff sacks. Thanks!

It's EXCELLENT! I showed the tarp to over 6 people just today! You could EASILY get a job in a sail loft during your Summer breaks!!

-Eugene (Cat Cut 9' x 9')

The 8' x 10' you sent is great. We will test drive it this weekend on a practice hike. You do nice work. I will be ordering again.