Brian after completion of his first Half-Ironman Triathlon (Timberman) in August 2014. 5:59:25 finishing time!

About OES

Brian MacMillin, founder and President of OutdoorEquipmentSupplier, is a 26 year old practicing engineer living in Boston, MA. Previous to living in Boston, he completed a 5.5 year B.S/M.S. program of study in Mechanical Engineering. Brian's concentration was in the interaction between the fields of Material Science and Solid Mechanics, or in other words, how materials impact the geometry and design of everything around us.

Through his thesis, Brian sought to quantify the relationship between abrasion and waterproofness of lightweight nylon fabrics. His thesis work looked to better understand how durable waterproof coatings are not only to the point of leakage and saturation but beyond. His work, once published and released, shed new light on how lightweight fabrics and new, high tech laminates can be used in outdoor applications with respect to their wear characteristics.

The combination of a backround in enginering and material science, coupled with an excellent product track record and an outdoor savvy have left OES with an unparalleled product and customer satisfaction.


Brian in Hallstatt, Austria, with a view of the Alps in the backround.

OES began making alcohol stoves but soon found evolved to crafting silnylon to construct higher quality tarps than were currently available at the time. Quickly prototyping with 1.9oz poly coated fabric from which the first hexagonal prototype hammock fly was constructed, 3 weeks of trail testing proved to be a sucess. Moving on to silnylon(after baking at night under a heavy, black tarp), Brian was amazed at how much lighter and more flexible it was in terms of tarp setups! The MacCat line of tarps naturally evolved from the early work and has been improving, along with his other product lines, ever since! launched in October 2003, and has grown both in quality and professionalism ever since.


Brian atop Flagg Mountain - Ossipee, NH.

We are constantly looking for new fabrics, techniques, and approaches to manufacture the best and lightest gear available.

Brian is an Eagle Scout (class of '05) with a Bronze Palm. Scouts helped to solidify his love of hiking and backpacking (and also going lightweight!).